It’s ok!

It’s ok! To be sad sometimes

It’s ok! To be mad sometimes

It’s ok! To be curious

It’s ok! To be furious

It’s ok! To be jealous

It’s ok! To be senseless

It’s ok! To be in love

It’s ok! Neglecting love because you aren’t brave

It’s ok! To be broken

It’s ok! To keep it unspoken

It’s ok! To cry out loud

It’s ok! To keep away from crowd

It’s ok! To be knowing stranger’s

It’s ok! If you changed her

But it’s not ok!

Accepting things you hate

And upholding until it’s too late

But it’s not ok!

To make the identical mistake every time

Just remember you can quit anytime

Yes I am lucky!

I was no king

Neither I had any kingship

But I was all able

And I am greatfull for it

Struggles of mine are no less than yours

But I learned from each

To widen my wings

Because the goals was something

That I wanted to concur

Yes I had to go back often

Not with depression

But to jump off the column

All for going forward getting awesome

Slow was not hard

Fast is not effortless

Because I worked slowly

On my axe’s sharpness

The path was long and rough

Highly challenging and tough

But I was firm and determined

That I walked with all my stuff

Every time I scribbled my pen

I want forward again and again

My confidence enhanced then


I got many bump to deplore

But my dream was something

That I was called for

My dream was hardihood

But I was excited not scared for sure

Complaining my obstacles won’t contribute

But learning from each will attribute

Fearing them is not an alternative

But I will prefer persistence working

And being affirmative

Since I have all the recipe

I am ment to be lucky!

A letter to the sea

The blue sea
When meets the sun becomes red
Nothing to say its free
Whatever the people said
People support is your shore
But when you come above
They will declare war!
When you stay stagnant
They will ignore
You are beautiful purely
Bearing abundant jewellery
But you are judged criticised by the mass
Let me tell you this too shall pass!
Sea! I m writing this letter to you
To give you your view
Only once you touch mass
With your arms on them
Is that you can break there life stems
Show them your worth
The strength they cannot conquer
Just wait for your prime time
And collect your fury
Because if you show it every time
Then it will just be a scenery!
This is it
My dear sea

Brave or coward!?

I am a stranger to the world

But, I am born a girl

A girl with skill, a woman with virtue

Hurt myself but, will never hurt you.

The day I learned standing

Was the day since I am standing

The day I learned walking

Was the day since I am working.

I want to fly high and high

To say the world a good bye

But my wings are foreshorten

Oh! My hight I ask a pardon.

I have an art to picture the picture of world

But the dread of you concurred

I have a virtue of never hurting soul

Because I can dominant my goal.

Courage is blended in my vascular

Such that I can duel with ocean

But the water mocks at me of puddler

And I have to move heartbroken.

Hell is helpless in frightening

I am bold enough I can move smiling

But now, I am scared in my villa

Sitting idle in this dilemma.

Discovering people, destroyed self

Cannot reveal reflection of myself

Dwelling on defining self

Am I a coward or brave, a queen or a slave ?

I am used to these usual array

That even the tears lost its way

My desires my unnamed bravery

Is now a corpse ready to bury.

Apologies won’t work, I guess

Just leave me alone with my loneliness.


Exams are on ur head
The tic tic of clock is even hurting
The sunsets are painful
The days seems to be like hours
The books seem to be like buildings
The routine seem to be forgotten
The syllabus seems to be increasing
The memory card in ur head seems to be of the least GB
The sleeps seem to be sleepless
The weather seems to be sad
The people seem to be stranger’s
But but but
The tic tic of clock must be a reminder of ur opportunity
The sunset must be a reminder that today’s duties are over and the next day has a full 24 hours and u have the soul control over it a new hope should be enlightened in ur eyes
The days must be spend as a day with all ur important works completed and a satisfactory sleep
The books should be seen as a source of weapon to fight against the exam
The routine must still be a routine
The syllabus must be seen as a syllabus and if not completed than leave as there is 50% chances that those won’t be asked
The memory card must be recalling only must not be used for more data
The sleeps must be ur beloved
The weather must always be seen as a happy one
The people must be the people
These are ur exams not ur life
These must be treated as exams
Just relax take long breath and continue studying as much as u can
Most importantly u have ample opportunity out there.

I love you

I love you,

A simple word, a complex emotion.

Do you know the art of expression?

Let me answer this question.

Don’t say good morning,

Just go to her bed,

And kiss her forehead.

That will make you her eyes king.

Have breakfast together,

Talk to her about anything you bother.

Kiss her while getting out of house,

Drive your car with fingers cross.

Be focused to your work at office,

Don’t feel that your office is ridiculous.

Work hard and forget about anything,

Because you have your family dependent,

And that should be your everything.

While you are at office your wife should work and be independent,

To support everyone who are dependent.

Come back home, have meal and discuss about your day,

She will understand your bad day as she is your bae.

Laugh and make fun of each other.

Live in your moment and leave other.

Talk about your future plan,

Make a final decision and call it our plan.

Enjoy the rain showers,

Beautify your garden with gay flowers,

Help her when she is tired,

Take help when you are tired,

You both are together in this journey.

When she needs you stand by her,

And love her whole your life,

As she is your wife.

Don’t be a couple wearing same t’s,

Be the couple,

Sitting on the couch,

Kissing eachother in there 90’s.

Omg! This is too much.

Can I get a husband such?

Know this art of saying I love you,

Then every lady will fall for you.

Yes I am NO

Here, I am

You know me well

Sometimes you keep me ban

Sometimes you speak as a bell

Yes! I m No

An emotion, a feeling, a story, a vow

Emotion, when replaced me with ‘yes’

It makes a puzzling base

Feelings, Sometimes broken sometimes made

Sometimes say me coz it brings an aid

Story, I have a capacity to start or end

Sometimes people don’t understand sometimes support and amend

Vow, that you make when you are happy but don’t keep it later

This should not be done because it matters

Don’t replaced me with yes

You don’t know ignoring my power can change your life to hell

But if you use me wisely I can save you as well.